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The craftsman has always done more than is strictly necessary . And the skill - and thrill - in making things go well beyond what they need to be has inspired everyone from master carpenters to maestro musicians. The craftsman is special because he or she is an engaged human being whose spirit and skill can transmute the mundane into the magical.

But what if the same level of skill that drives a sculptor's chisel was used to shape the way a hotel looked after you? Our `craftsman of care' describes our commitment to do precisely this. In a world of mass produced experiences, we offer the made to measure. True craftsmanship is always bespoke. It means carefully constructing an environment that makes you feel special the moment you arrive in it. It means surrounding you with costly materials, chosen for their quiet quality and avoiding purposeless display - true power always whispers. The craftsmanship of care also reveals itself in everything from the way you are welcomed to the comfort of the room you are offered and the thoughtfulness of the people who serve you.

Rather like the care that makes the finest wine or the most beautiful furniture, caring for people in the way we do is hard to achieve and expensive to deliver. But we hope that even in a brief stay at Hotel Asansol International you discover that craftsmanship can shape caring for people as beautifully as it can shape a precious stone. The way we value authenticity, the trouble we take on individual details, and the style that's discreet rather than merely ostentatious, as well as a recognition that time is your most important possession. All of these are the little ways we try to make a big difference. Just like craftsmen have always done over the ages.

Manish Daruka
Director, Hotel Asansol International